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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Prom Diddly Om Prom Prom

 Phew. Well, that was another hiatus from these here musings but not in any normal sense of the word.

Having spent the last 3 weeks at Glastonbury and then at the unmatchable beauty of Nowhere, I am now returned less than refreshed physically but more than rejuvenated in all other ways. Some exciting new beginnings on the job front are only adding to my sense of all round well-being right now.

To delicately put the cherry on this moist and delicious iced cake, I have returned just as the 2010 Proms are beginning.

Running until the 11th September, the Proms is always filled with incredible performances housed in that stable of classical concerts, The Royal Albert Hall. Furthermore, most of these performances can be seen for the bargain price of 5 English pounds, if you turn up early enough on the evening.

This would place you way up in the gods but once you bring a little something to lie on and a decent bottle with you, the joy of spreading out and surrendering to the union of so many amazing musicians as you float high above the arena is more than apparent.

The list of performances is easily found on the BBC website and you might even find a surprising amount of performances from other backgrounds and talents beyond the usual so why not take yourself beyond the usual?


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